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About Nonstop Travel

Nonstop Travel was established in 1984 by Klaus & Lisa Schmitt in Santa Monica, CA and specializes in travel to Germany, Austria & Switzerland.

Our 'All European' staff has been chosen for their expertise, professionalism and friendly service. We are proud to have some of the best travel consultants 'on board', who understand your needs and are able to offer you unique itineraries due to their first hand destination knowledge. We have 10 inside employees and 20 independent contractors. Together we have travelled the world!

In 1999 we joined Signature Travel Network, a powerful network with over 6000 travel professionals in 375 U.S. locations, combining over 6 billion dollars in sales. Our membership is giving us access to special rates and exclusive amenities on almost every cruise line and tour company.

In 2000 we rolled out the Heritage Program ‘Back to Your Roots’, a unique program, helping our clients research their ancestors and travel in their footsteps in Germany. In the following years we became the representative of the ‘Historic Highlights of Germany’, an association of 14 historic cities in Germany and established the fulfillment center for BikeToursDirect, a booming .com company, offering guided and self-guided bike tours throughout Europe.

In 2007 our long time Sales & Marketing Manager Chris became partner of Nonstop Travel and since then we continue to focus on expanding our offers to Germany, Austria & Switzerland with unique self-drive itineraries and pre-packed components for the independent traveler in our core destinations.

You, the traveler, have always been our top priority, and it is our personal approach to this relationship that has written, and will continue to write, the success story of Nonstop Travel. We are looking forward to working with you.

Our specialties:

Germany, Austria & Switzerland:

  • Flights, Car Rentals, Rail Passes
  • Hotels, Hostels, Castle & Farm Stays, Bed & Breakfasts
  • River Cruises
  • Guided Vacations
  • ‘Back to your roots’ program
  • Themed Vacations: Religious, Music, History, Military, Castles, Food & Wine Fairytale
  • Self-Drive Vacations
  • City Packages & Activities
  • Hotels, Hostels, Castle & Farm Stays, Bed & Breakfasts
  • Group Travel
  • Incentives & Event Travel


Why book Germany, Austria & Switzerland with Nonstop Travel? Because we are the Experts for these destinations. All of our consultants are either from Germany, Austria and Switzerland or have been there multiple times. As one of the largest European specialized agencies in the country, we are invited to attend the annual travel marts in Germany and Austria to inform ourselves about what’s hot and what’s not and to make first hand contacts with hotels, tourist offices and attractions. In addition we are endorsed by the German National Tourist Board in New York as well as many other local tourist boards throughout the regions.

Let the team of Nonstop Travel bring their expertise to the table and help you plan your vacation. You too can be one of the 4000 annual clients who use our personal services to make their vacation seamless and special.

In addition to our signature destinations, we offer:

  • Beach Vacations in Hawaii, Mexico, South Pacific, Asia, Caribbean, and more
  • Cruises Worldwide
  • Guided Vacations Worldwide
  • Independent Vacations in Europe
  • Tours & Activities
  • River Cruises in Europe, Asia & Russia
  • Flights, Car Rentals & Hotels Worldwide
  • Travel Insurance Services


Most of our consultants are with us for over 10 years and have traveled the World! They can arrange trips to anywhere you would like to go. Travel planning is one of the single most pleasurable things to do. That is why we want to assist you and complement your research with valuable tips and enrich your experience with special amenities, offers and insights.

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Let Nonstop Travel be your best search engine!


Please feel free to Contact Us with feedback, any questions or concerns. Your input helps us to constantly improve and adjust.

Elisabeth Wilson Schmitt (Lisa) & Christian Weike (Chris)


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Elisabeth Wilson-Schmitt

Nonstop Travel was founded in January 1984 in Santa Monica by Klaus & Lisa Schmitt. Lisa is from Bavaria and specializing in Germany was, therefore, a given. In the mid nineties we outgrew the office in Santa Monica and moved to Alpine Village in Torrance. The Alpine Village is a 'German landmark' in Los Angeles. Many of our clients come in for a visit during one of their shopping trips in the Village. Every Nonstop Travel employee has an extensive background in Europe and the cruise business. Besides this every one of us has a special love and expertise for a particular country or area. You will find this in our individual introductions.



Chris Weike

Traveling is the best way to experience and learn about the world’s diversity. To get the best out of your trip you should consult an experienced travel consultant who has actually been to your destination.

I have joint Nonstop Travel in 2000, after working in the travel & tourism industry for 5 years in Germany. In 2007 Lisa & I partnered and since then we work tirelessly to deliver exceptional service. We are proud of our young, professional and dynamic team, which helps you finding the right spot to spend your valuable vacation time.

Personally I like the outdoors and quick 'getaways', but I have extensive knowledge in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Mexico, Hawaii, Tahiti, New Zealand, Indonesia, USA, Canada, Alaska and all European countries including my home country Germany!


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I have been in the travel business since 1984. I joined the Nonstop Travel team in 2000 when I moved from Heidelberg/Germany to Los Angeles. My passion has always been traveling so I decided to enter the travel business and help others with assisting with their vacations! I have had the opportunity to travel to many amazing places such as Tahiti (Click here to see details about my last trip to Tahiti), Fiji, the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Thailand, Mexico, Hawaii, Europe and many other fantastic countries. One thing stands true; my heart will always hold a special place for Italy. The landscape, the culture, the food, the fashion… for me: Italy has it all. And that was one of the reasons why I choose to have my honeymoon there. Click here to see information about my honeymoon in Italy. I also love cruising. When it came down to my honeymoon, I was very torn about getting spoiled on a cruise or exploring and relaxing in Italy. If you enjoy getting spoiled 24/7 and get the best “bang for your buck”, then cruising is for you.

I am a cruise specialist but I don’t only specialize in cruises. I also book and arrange escorted or customized land packages and discounted international airfares. In addition I also assist several companies with their corporate travel.

I look forward to having the opportunity to assist you with your next trip!


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This is my 17th year with Nonstop Travel . I speak fluent Polish and some Russian. I love to travel and I like very much the immediate cultural contact that one can experience while exploring new places, a total body & mind experience very different than that of watching TV programs about other cultures on the National Geographic or History channels. The added value of tasting other cultures culinary specialties, meeting and making conversation with the residents provides a whole new and unmatched experience. I traveled extensively all over the world but Mexico holds a special place in my heart. Its cultural varieties are unique and unrivaled and its raw and refined beauty is eye catching. My second favorite place is Asia. Please call me to help you choose the ‘best’ vacation of your life. I promise that you will bring home memories and pictures to share with your family & friends many times over.


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I started out as a nurse in Germany and later decided to follow my passion and transitioned into the travel industry. A few years later I moved to Los Angeles and I have been with Nonstop Travel since July 2001. I am an ‘Island Fan’ - my favorite destinations include: the Caribbean, especially St. John (Virgin Islands) and St. Lucia, and the Fiji Islands, Hawaii, and the Mediterranean. I am also a Germany specialist, who loves to go back regularly to visit new cities and sights. Call me no matter if you are looking for an adventurous trip or something to relax. I look forward to helping you to find the right vacation that fits your personal interests and needs.




I have visited five continents, but this wasn’t part of a plan, it is simply where my wanderlust took me. People sometimes ask what my favorite destination is, and I reply that it’s the next one. I have seen elephants in the shadow of Mt Kilimanjaro, climbed Sydney Harbor Bridge, and sampled Champagne in the caves of Moet & Chandon, but there is so much of the world still to see. I lived in the United Kingdom until early 2004, but have worked in travel for almost ten years. I initially worked as a guide on walking tours; on one memorable tour we had people from 14 countries. I will mainly be operating the hiking and bicycling tours, but can help you with any travel plans particularly to the British Isles.




NAMESTE (hello in Hindi). My name is Honey and yes - this is my real name. I just recently moved to Los Angeles after working for and managing a Travel Agency in Germany. I was born and raised in Germany, but my parents are from Northern India and besides German and English I speak Hindi and Punjabi. Please call me if you would like to visit India. However, I have travelled extensively through Europe and also know Cuba and Canada. Please call me to discuss your next vacation with me.




Most likely when you call, I’m the first one to assist you! I have been working with Nonstop Travel since March of 1999. I spreche Deutsch! My GERMAN isn’t perfect, but I would be more than happy to help you in any way that I can. I am the Administrative/Accounting Assistant for Nonstop Travel and if you have any questions concerning billing or invoicing, I’m the person who will assist you. In my free time, I enjoy traveling especially to Honolulu and Vienna which are my favorite destinations.




I am the newest member of the Nonstop Travel family and have been here since September 2010. My passion has always been travel and I am so excited to have the opportunity to be able to use that passion to help others plan their dream vacations. My travel experiences have been quite varied, from Russia to Canada, from Czech Republic to the UK, from Poland to Peru. And, of course, Germany and Austria!! I have also been to every state in the U.S. so if you’re planning a domestic trip, I’d love to help! I love researching new places and experiencing new cultures (and food!) and feel that travel is the best way to understand and appreciate the differences (and similarities!) that we all share no matter what part of the world we come from. I look forward to helping you plan your next adventure!

Together We Have Traveled the World


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