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We gathered some of the most famous itineraries throughout Germany and made them available to you. Now you can travel without worrying about your accommodation and sightseeing, because all packages include overnights, transportation, some sightseeing  and more.


Emperors, Kings and Kaisers

Germany is a land filled with the remnants of the now-extinct royal courts and imperial rulers. You can visit Germany's historic cities today and see their not-so-humble abodes, their churches, their monuments and their courts. You can get a glimpse of the splendor and power of the ruling classes through their palaces and castles. Stand in a grand ballroom and imagine the glamorous festivities that took place there hundreds of years ago. Sit in an imperial hall, where alliances between powerful families were formed and empires were dissolved. Relax in the gardens of princes, and walk the cities founded by emperors. Come experience historic Germany as the emperors, Kings and Kaisers once did.

Medieval Masterpieces

If you have particular interest in that lengthy, if vaguely defined, post-ancient, pre-Renaissance period that most refer to as medieval times or the Middle Ages, visiting the historic cities of Germany will be like striking oil. Some city centers remain completely preserved from these times, allowing you to wander narrow streets, contemplate masterworks of architecture and lose yourself completely in Germany's medieval history.

Treasures of the Renaissance and Baroque

While Italy to the south was bustling with the influence of Renaissance ideals on art, architecture, literature and philosophy, Germany was busy with its own revolution of sorts with the Protestant Reformation. This preoccupation left little room for widespread "rebirth" in the country, though examples are found in southern Germany due to Italian influences, as well as a few isolated examples in the far north. The German Baroque truly flourished only in the south and in Lower Saxony-especially in Catholic Counter-Reformation areas-where Germany's brand of over-the-top adornment worked better perhaps than in any other country. And whereas Rococo is often used as a derogatory term for the Baroque gone awry, in Germany the Rococo actually succeeds (usually).

Cities of Literary Genius

Germany is known around the world as a land of writers, poets and philosophers who have shaped and furthered the progress of this country for centuries. What environment could be more inspiring to writers and poets than the romantic cities of the Historic Highlights of Germany? They offer you opportunities galore to follow in the footsteps of the great masters and provide travelers with a "Who's Who" of world literature while exploring other fascinating sites and attractions.

The Charm of the Romantic

Castles with Rapunzel-like towers, quaint sidewalk cafes, sprawling vineyards and their prized products, moss-covered stone bridges, centuries-old Saturday markets. It's visions of scenes like these that bring so many visitors to the historic towns and villages of Germany. The quaint, the scenic and the hospitable have made them prime destinations for couples, poets and the hopelessly romantic alike. Plan a trip with your special someone to the best of Germany's historic and charming towns for a trip that promises to make romance and memories.

Roots of the Reformation

Come visit the historic cities of Germany, the epicenter of the Protestant Reformation. Martin Luther lived here and spread his revolutionary messages to the people of Germany's cities and villages in the 16th century, and while you may not be changing history, as he did, you can follow his footsteps across this beautiful country and her historic cities. See where he lived, studied, preached and hid from the Pope's emissaries. Visit the church where he was ordained and the city where he first defended his 95 Theses. While you're on Luther's trail, though, don't miss out on the other intriguing sites and experiences that these towns have to offer.

On the Trail of the Romans

While all roads may have led to Rome, they all had to start somewhere. As one of the greatest empires and most refined civilizations in human history, the Roman Empire spread its wealth and power far and wide. Present-day Germany is far north of the onetime center of civilization, but much of it was explored by soldiers of the Empire some two millennia ago. Some cities were even founded as military fortresses or outposts. Travel to Germany's historic cities with Roman roots to see where some of those roads leading to Rome originated.

From the Black Forest to the Danube

It seems that the South of everywhere just ha a certain draw: the South of France, the Southeast of the U.S., Southern Italy. This pull is also found in the South of Germany with its pleasant climate and hospitable culture. Explore this beautiful and welcoming region with a traipse around her historic cities. Each combines art, culture, and a joy of living in a special way, and you shouldn't miss the cities of Freiburg, Augsburg, and Regensburg.

Historic Cities of the South

It seems that the South of everywhere just has a certain draw: the South of France, the Southeast of the U.S., Southern Italy. This pull is also found in the South of Germany with its pleasant climate and hospitable culture. Explore this beautiful and welcoming region with a traipse around her historic cities. Each combining art, culture, and savoir vivre in a special way, the cities of Freiburg, Augsburg, Regensburg, Würzburg, and Heidelberg await.

Historic Cities of the North

Northern Germany has always been a gateway of sorts with her busy ports of trade with Scandinavian countries and prominence in the Hanseatic League. Today the grand medieval homes and public buildings still stand in monument to the booming commerce of the Middle Ages. If you're heading there in the brief summer months, be sure to pack your beach gear because the coastal towns of northern Germany have become prime destinations for sea-lovers. So start planning your trip for the whole family - this unique region will please the beach-goer and historic buff alike.

Historic Highlights of Rhine & Mosel

Some of Germany's greatest cultural treasures can be found in the cities along the Rhine and Mosel Rivers. The Romans built camps, vineyards and great cities along these waterways, establishing a tradition of wine production in the region that thrives still today. The banks of the Rhine and Mosel are dotted with the castles and fortresses of the medieval elite, and the great buildings of her cities are a testament to the wealth and culture that can be achieved with maritime commerce. Visit Trier, Koblenz and Wiesbaden to experience all these famed rivers can offer.

Historic Highlights of Bavaria

Bavaria is one of the better-known regions of Germany to most foreigners, bringing to mind visions of fairytale castles, sparkling lakes, Oktoberfest, and sleek BMW cars. There's far more to this charming southern region, though, with its fascinating and varied history and inviting modern attractions waiting to be explored.

Historic Highlights of the former East

When the Iron Curtain was lifted from East Germany, it revealed to the world a wealth of historical, architectural and cultural treasures. Americans and Western Europeans have been fascinated with exploring its larger cities, but many of these areas were bombed during World War II and rebuilt without much thought to history and heritage while under Communist control. Still, many smaller cities can offer a better view of pre-war Germany, and often travelers will find that the prices are often lower in these cities than in their Western counterparts. Come experience such fascinating cultural differences by exploring the former East's more recent history as well as its glorious days in the Renaissance and medieval times.


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